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LogoBlueJaysFans.ca is a community, resource and fan HQ for Canada’s Major League Baseball team — the Toronto Blue Jays.


The Blue Jays are a unique team with a unique fan base — we’re the only team in Major League Baseball to play in Canada, and the only non-American team in history to win the World Series. Blue Jays fans support our team. We became the first Major League club ever to draw over four million fans in one season, and we did it three times.


BJF is devoted to all aspects of the Toronto Blue Jays and their fan base. We launched in early 2012 and have since developed into a large online resource, and will continue to grow and expand our reach each day. Our goal is to provide fans with everything they’re looking for in one location, constantly building our pages, databases, statistics and everything else to make this the best place possible for all Jays fans. We’ve also developed a sizable Twitter base where we have over 14,000 followers.


We are in no way affiliated or supported by the club.


Admin – Erik
Erik I grew up playing baseball in the Toronto area and naturally followed the Blue Jays from an early age. I used to rock a Toronto Star Season Pass 40+ plus times a year, but those days are long gone — I’ve been in the armed forces since 2009, which limits my ability to attend as many games as I’d like. But, I fuel my obsession for the team with this website.

Writer – Lucas
Lucas I spent four years at Sheridan College taking print journalism and broadcast journalism. I graduated from the print program in 2012, and followed that by graduating from broadcast in June of 2014; both as an honours student. Ever since I was young my life has been revolved around the world of sports. I love the Toronto Blue Jays, Maple Leafs, Raptors and yes the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Writer – Shaun
Shaun My grandmother introduced me to rooting for the Blue Jays in the mid-80s. Love reading and writing about baseball and the Jays. All-time favourite Jays: Pat Borders and Jimmy Key.

Content Editor – Steph
Steph Sports, and baseball specifically, have always been a big part of my life. My top bucket list goal is to visit every MLB park. Favourite baseball moment: When Hank Aaron walked past me in Atlanta. Favourite all-time Jay: Roberto Alomar. Most prized possession: Autographed Alomar Cooperstown bat.

Writer – Tim
I’ve watched the Jays as long as I can remember. I started my journey loving a the team my father hated, growing up in Montreal wasn’t easy loving Toronto’s team. At 33, it’s doesn’t getting easier living in a city without a baseball team. My father told me before he passed away the Blue Jays would never win a World Series he was wrong, he will be wrong again some day. Just maybe the Leafs will win a cup before I pass away.


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